Meet Ed

Ed Young, SSWCD Group 4 Supervisor

Ed Young, SSWCD Group 4 Supervisor

Ed has been a resident of Central Florida since 1990 and attended Rock Lake Middle School and is a proud graduate of Lake Brantley High School. Ed believes in giving back to the community and does so through volunteer work, as public school teacher, and as an elected member of Seminole Soil & Water Conservation District (SSWCD). Ed believes in conserving Florida’s resources not only so future generations may enjoy Florida’s natural gifts but because they are key to the three main parts of Florida’s economy: real estate, agriculture, and tourism. By doing so, we guarantee that Florida stays the amazing state that it is.

Since being elected to SSWCD, Ed has served twice as SSWCD’s treasurer, three times as its Vice Chair, and currently serves as its Chair. He’s overseen the revising of SSWCD’s bylaws, contributed to the development of SSWCD’s five-year plan, helped introduce the annual poster contest for school-age children in Seminole County, helped expand SSWCD’s partnerships throughout the county, surveyed several state parks for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and represented Seminole County and SSWCD at AFCD Area 3 and AFCD state conventions.

Ed has presented to the Democrat, Green, Libertarian, and Republican parties of our county as well as non-partisan groups regarding important conservation issues and state amendments. Through his “MyTime/MyDime” initiative, Ed has worked tirelessly to network with other Soil & Water boards throughout Florida and in other states; bringing back what he has learned to help improve Seminole County’s board. In 2019, Ed brought the Association of Florida Conservation Districts Area 3 annual meeting to Seminole County for the first time ever at no cost to tax payers to showcase how Seminole County is leading the way in environmental and conservation initiatives.

Ed became Group 4 Supervisor for SSWCD during a special election in 2014 and was subsequently re-elected in 2016. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Flagler College and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Stetson University. Ed lives in Altamonte Springs, works as a public school teacher as a certified special education teacher, is an active member of the Knights of Columbus and actively participates in volunteer activities throughout the county.